The range of your vocabulary is only as good as the development of your character- let me explain.

Vocabulary is the range of words a person can wield and people don’t use words they don’t or barely understand.

To thoroughly understand a word/term/concept means one has lived the conscious experience…

I think that at the root of the entire political spectrum and division you will find that:

Liberals are arrogant and Conservatives are unassuming.

Instead they both just need to be confident.

Confident that everything will be alright in the end.

And tolerant of each other of course.

No more disagreements. 😁

I wish it were that simple.

What do people with the victim and entitlement mentalities have in common?

They believe they are just simply actors in the production of the “film” of their lives.

A helpful analogy of the course of one’s life would be to look at it as a film you start producing from…


seeking truth for universal peace

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